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    Cafe "Altes Europa"

    • /en/page/kafe-altes-europa
    Cafe Cafe Altes Europa a small and very cozy establishment located in the center of Berlin The interior is decorated beautifully clearly a traditional German precision the atmosphere in the cafe offers a pleasant and quiet Here you can get... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monsieur Vong Restaurant

    • /en/page/restoran-monsieur-vong
    Monsier Vong inexpensive restaurant Vietnamese cuisine in which all the exotic dishes are delicate and refined taste and awaken the appetite and imagination The restaurant selected delicacies from the rich Vietnamese cuisine spectacular flavors... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Barcomis Deli Restaurant

    • /en/page/restoran-barcomis-deli
    Restaurant Barcomis Deli good German restaurant decorated in the national spirit The food here is tasty and generous Food prices are inexpensive affordable to any client Service prompt and courteous staff The institution has an outdoor terrace for a... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Skyscraper Haus des Berliner Verlages

    • /en/page/neboskreb-haus-des-berline ...
    Skyscraper Haus des Berliner Verlages located in the German capital the city of Berlin was built in 1970 1973 years by the architect Karl Ernst flock Rainer Hanslick and Gunther Derdau The building was designed for the Berlin publishing house Office... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Trading Gallery Kaufhof

    • /en/page/torgovaya-galereya-kaufhof
    Gallery Kaufhof one of the newest shopping centers in Europe Its interior combines the seemingly incompatible classics and modern In an area of ​​36 thousand square meters housed exclusive brand stores a visit which reminds visit  in the fashion... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    The Early Bird Hype

    • /en/page/the-early-bird-hype


    • /en/page/schendelpark

    Hubble Innovations

    • /en/page/hubble-innovations
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