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    Outlet Metzingen designer

    Slogan Metzingen designer outlet says Come walk and just enjoy And really has something to enjoy Those who like shopping more than 70 boutiques that offer products of famous brands Galizia Fashion Plaza Adidas BURBERRY Bugatti HUGO  BOSS Keramik

    Wertheim Village Outlet

    • 1.03 км
    Wertheim Village Outlet opened in 2004 by a group Chic Outlet and became the first shopping complex in Germany where it was possible to buy designer goods at low prices Wertheim Village is a half hour drive from the small town of Wuerzburg and only

    Cocoon Club

    Club Cocoon ( Cocoon ) was opened in 2004 by Sven Fet a musician a pioneer of the German techno Clubhouse is huge (capacity up to 1 200 visitors) and is literally stuffed with a variety of interesting design solutions The club is a multi level dance

    Garden Palmengarten

    Palmengarten (palm garden) a botanical garden with an area of ​​20 hectares in which plants grow all climatic zones of the earth Palm trees take pride of place here they cover an area of ​​9 000 sq m The garden was founded in the XIX century It was

    Paulskirche church

    Paulskirche church (the Church of St Paul) Lutheran church built on the site of the former church of the Franciscans in 1833 The temple is a large red building with an oval hall a domed roof and a high tower He was the main Lutheran church in

    Frankfurt Cathedral Kaiserdom

    Frankfurt Cathedral Kaiserdom (Imperial Cathedral) was the site of the coronation of the kings of the Roman Empire as well as the place of coronation of the German Kaiser This place has never been a bishop's seat but it is here that many of the

    Skyscraper Europaturm

    Europaturm or Europe Tower the tallest skyscraper and television tower in all of Western Europe Its height is 337 meters This building is a project Heynla Erwin who completed its construction in 1979 First skyscraper was 295 meters high and after

    University of Heidelberg

    Geydelbergskі University Ruprehta and Carlo is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Germany It was opened in 1386 on the initiative of the Pope The first faculty at the rector Marsiliuse background Ingen were theological legal

    Heidelberg Castle

    Geydelbergskі Castle a symbol of German romanticism majestically situated on the hill above the town Kenigshtul height of 80 meters Notable residents of the castle were Frederick V and Elizabeth Charlotte Pfaltsskaga Shared his impressions of the

    House "Big Angel" in Frankfurt

    In the historical center of Frankfurt Römerberg is a house called Big Angel which in the XVII century was founded the first bank in Frankfurt The house is located next to the house Goldener Greif and the market On the east side of the Big Angel is
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