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    Semper Opera House

    Dresden State Opera one of the oldest opera houses in Germany In the 17th century at the court of the Elector of Saxony blossomed love for musical performances This period is considered the starting point for the emergence of the theater In 1945 the

    Goseck circle

    In 1991 near the town of Goseck was discovered one of the oldest Rundle Gozelsky circle which immediately dubbed the German Stonehenge Goseck circle assumed he could play the role of a fortified citadel or sanctuary observatory Reconstruction

    Sources of Karlovy Vary

    Karlovy Vary is famous worldwide for its healing springs Legend has it that the mineral springs were discovered by Charles IV During the hunt for a wooded area between the mountains and valleys one of the dogs chased a wild beast and after a

    Loket Castle

    Harsh Loket Castle one of the oldest in the Czech Republic And although the exact date of the start of construction no one will say we can safely say that the former residence of kings and medieval masterpieces for over eight years Loket name comes

    Dresden Gallery

    Old Town in Dresden closely envelops the Theatre Square with the Semper Opera House in the center But the main attraction of the city no doubt still famous Dresden Art Gallery For over five centuries of its collection of masterpieces of the best

    Brewery Krushovitse

    Royal brewery Krušovice is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic Saving brewing recipes and the use of modern technologies provide here an excellent result high quality of the drink It is located 50 km from the  Prague towards Karlovy boiling

    Crystal glass factory Ryukl

    In the Czech glass industry Ryukl name has been known for over a century In 1846 Ian Ryukl rented a glass blowing studio and started manufacturing glass products Success came to him quickly production expanded and became as one would say now

    Castle Křivoklát

    Křivoklát castle located 40 kilometers from Prague is one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic Surrounded by forests it is in the Middle Ages served as the hunting lodge for rich and noble hunters The history of the castle dates back to the

    Monastery Heat

    Heat monastery is located near the resort of Marianske Lazne It was built in 1193 its founder was Prince Hroznata the head of the court of border areas of West Bohemia Prince Hroznata died in custody he was seized by the robber baron   and

    Castle Kynzvart

    Castle Kynžvart is located 7 kilometers from the resort Marianske Lazne in the area of ​​Karlovy Vary He is considered one of the finest architectural monuments of the Czech Republic in the style of neoclassicism Adjacent to the castle English
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