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    Goseck circle

    In 1991 near the town of Goseck was discovered one of the oldest Rundle Gozelsky circle which immediately dubbed the German Stonehenge Goseck circle assumed he could play the role of a fortified citadel or sanctuary observatory Reconstruction

    The museum lies

    The creators of this institution is proud to assure visitors all the exhibits presented in the halls is only fakes Deception begins with the building itself in the form of an old castle which was actually built quite recently The museum has ten 

    Church Thomaskirche

    Thomaskirche (Church of St Thomas) is known through the work of composer Johann Sebastian Bach who has long directed the church choir boys Church of Sts Thomas built in the XIII century on the site of the old Market Church Legend confirms the name

    Leipzig Zoo

    Leipzig Zoo which covers an area of ​​23 hectares boasts the world's largest department primates and aquarium which is considered one of the largest in the world Zoo created in 1878 Immediately after the creation of the zoo is actively expanding At

    Bach Museum

    Bach Museum is located in the house where he lived and worked before the world the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach In the museum are valuable archives of Bach as well as many of his personal belongings In this house you can feel the presence

    Museum of Fine Arts

    Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts is one of the oldest largest and most valuable in Germany The museum opened to the public in 1848 members of the association Leyptsygskaga art lovers By the time the museum's collection consisted of hundreds of

    Monument to the Battle of the Nations

    Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig established in memory of the so called Battle of the Nations which was held here from 16 to 19 October 1813 During the wars of liberation Austrians Prussians Swedes and Russian defeated the French

    Wittenberg Palace Church

    Wittenberg Palace Church (All Saints' Church) is known 95 theses of Martin Luther vyveshanymі October 31 1517 at her door This document is considered the beginning of the Reformation and the history of Protestantism Church in the late Gothic style

    Rammelsberg Mine Museum

    Rammelsberg Mine Museum holds a variety of tools mechanisms and tools that have been used for the extraction of metals in different centuries Mining in the Rammelsberg was conducted with the III century BC The structure included numerous ore

    Museum complex Autostadt

    Autostadt built by Volkswagen in 2000 is a true road Disneyland A kind of city within a city located next to the headquarters of the concern Volkswagen Its area is 25 hectares which is at the same time and  theme park and an outlet and an
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