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    Castle Tausnits

    Trausnitz Castle created to protect in 1204 is now the main attraction of Landshut and oldest castles Vіtelsbahaў dynasty It stands on a high green hill so it is impossible not to notice Some time after the construction of the castle around him... attractions, Cultural objects

    Trausnitz Castle

    The first Duke of Vіtelsbahaў and his son were able to extend their ancestral territory in Lower Bavaria And to protect the new territories in the north east of Munich near the river Isar in 1204 the castle was built Landskhur that means defender of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Monument Louis IX

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    • Landshut
    Monument to the Duke of Bavaria Louis IX of the rich is a bronze statue in the Bavarian town of Landshut It was installed at Trinity Square in the second half of the XIX century Louis IX was the son of a Bavarian landskhutskogo Duke Henry XVI and... attractions, Cultural objects

    Cathedral of St. Martin

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    • Landshut
    St Martin's Cathedral built in the Gothic style with funds donated by residents of the city was built over a hundred years and was opened in 1500 He brick tower which is recognized as the tallest structure in the world of such a plan The height of... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Holy Yodok

    Church of the Holy Yodok was founded in 1369 It is one of the two oldest churches in Landshut Its construction took place on the orders of Duke Henry XIV The church is located about 500 meters north east of the town hall near Freyung   The... attractions, Cultural objects

    City Hall, Landshut

    Landshut town hall is near the city's main square at the intersection of the Altstadt and Teatrshtasse The majestic structure was created by the combination and reorganization of three separate houses built in the Gothic style first   In 1380... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    The gates Lendtor

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    • Landshut
    The gates Lendtor are at the western end of Theatre Street about 150 meters from the town hall of the city of Landshut Germany They were built in the middle of the XIII century together with the old Jewish hospital gates and gate at the time... attractions, Cultural objects

    Street Altstadt in Landshut

    Altstadt is the central street of Landshut in the literal translation of its name means Old Town Here are the city's main attractions brick tower of the Basilica of St Martin City residence Vіtelsbahaў Gothic facades of buildings that affect their... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Fountain Narrenbrunnen

    Narrenbrunnen fountain installed in the Altstadt old city of Landshut opposite the church of the Holy Spirit (Heilig Geist Kirche) It was built in 1974 The author of the fountain was made by German sculptor Carl Radelet Literally the name can be... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of Christ in Landshut

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    • Landshut
    Christ Church the oldest church in the German town of Landshut The opening took place in 1897 It was built in the Romanesque Revival style Despite two world wars it has retained its original appearance while the interior  was reconstructed twice... attractions, Cultural objects
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