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    The town of Zwolle

    Zvolen a small cozy town in the province of Overseyl These places are known for their nature where there are no industrial facilities and numerous transport The city which has remained fully in the buildings of the XV century is famous for its

    Island Borkum

    Borkum Island is one of the islands in the North Sea and the largest of the East Frisian Islands Borkum is famous for its long history and warm mild climate a favorable effect on the human body About the healing properties of the resort was 

    Kroller-Muller Museum

    Located in the heart of the National Park Hoge Veluwe and is therefore considered one of the most difficult of museums in the country The museum houses the world famous collection of paintings and sculptures of XIX XX centuries The basis of the

    Castle Het Loo

    Built in the late XVII century the castle has long served as the summer residence of the royal family Exterior view of the palace and deliberately modest but the surrounding garden is striking in its beauty and regular geometric shape The garden is

    Park Hoge Veluwe

    National Park in the province of North Brabant The park area exceeds 5 000 hectares and its main attraction is the variety of terrain There are open sands heaths pine forests and wetlands After passing 15 kilometers  north to the south of the

    Theatre De Nieuw Amsterdam

    Theatre De Nieuw Amsterdam in Amsterdam was formally established in 1986 was born with amateur theater which contributed to the creation of the famous actor Rufus Collins According to the company the actors do theater world as embodied in the works

    Garden at the castle Gemma

    Gemma Castle Garden is located in the small village of Gemma in the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands Garden wall can be found on maps dating from 1832 year but perhaps they are older First garden was a city where they grow vegetables

    Water Garden Ada Hofman

    Botanical Garden Water Ada Hoffman is located in Luzen Avereysel province in the Netherlands This beautiful garden was founded in 1987 It includes 30 gardens 50 ponds there are growing about 3 000 different species and varieties of plants Log in to

    Gemma Castle

    Gemma Castle is located in the Netherlands in the province of North Brabant in the village of Gemma The history of the castle dates back to the XIV century Its first owner was Steven van Gemma from Linden In 1757 on the old foundation of a former

    Gardens Goldhoorn

    Goldhoorn gardens are in the Netherlands in the community Noordoostpolder In 1985 husband and wife Kloosterboer created around their home garden with lots of heather and shrubs The area of ​​this wonderful garden in the English style is 4000 square
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