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    Zweibrucken Designer Outlet

    • 1.04 км
    Zweibrucken Designer Outlet is just an hour's drive from Frankfurt on the border of three countries France Germany and Luxembourg At the moment it is one of Germany's largest shopping centers brings together more than 70 boutiques Among the 

    Europa Park

    Europa Park a place of high concentration of entertainment and fun for people of all ages from children and ending with old ladies and gentlemen come here for fresh impressions 62 hectare park include 11 parts separated by geography each piece

    German Gate

    Gate of the Germans the only surviving fragment of the city's fortifications place December 3 1966 they were included in the list of historical monuments When the gates equipped with towers and battlements were part of a stone bridge over the river

    Middle Bridge

    Among the many monuments of architecture Mezzo one of the most famous is the large and medium bridges the dead who are in the island Saulx with the central areas of the city Middle Bridge dead often referred to simply as the middle axle   just

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    The predecessor of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg was a Roman sanctuary which has existed on the site before the start of the VIII century The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid by Bishop Werner von Habsburg in the beginning of XI

    Church of the Holy Evkariya

    Church of the Holy Evkariya in Metz was built in honor of the first bishop of the German city of Trier In the V century the first church building which over the centuries has changed and reconstruct to have survived perfectly preserved   In the

    Замок О’Кёнигсбург

    Название замка ОьКенигсбург переводится как Замок Короля Он был построен в первой половине XII века на стратегически важном месте на высоком холме над долиной Эльзаса До Тридцатилетней войны в первой половине XII века замок несколько  раз менял

    St. Stephen's Cathedral

    Metz was one of the main religious centers in France since ancient times Of course any of Bishop Gregory of Tours that after the destruction of the Huns Mezzo April 7 451 only resisted Chapel of St Stephen built on the site of an ancient sanctuary

    The Church of St. Vincent

    The history of the church (or rather the abbey) St Vincent and Vincent located on the island Shamber is rooted in the tenth century Then there was built a modest chapel where they prayed the congregation from the suburbs She stood up to 968 years

    Castle Katz

    The ancient fortress Katz nestled on a rocky plateau above the Rhine Near the fortress stands her brother Castle Maus (Mouse Castle) Castle founded Count Wilhelm II of Katzenelnbogen in the second half of the XIV century Originally the building was
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