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    Attractions → Land Schleswig-Holstein

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    Chillparty Stocksee

    Lake Großer Plöner See

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    • Bosau
    Schleswig Holstein North side German soil It is located in the south Yutlandzkaga Peninsula between two seas the North Sea and the Baltic The main attractions of this land castles in Schleswig Holstein and one of the most beautiful cities ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Bommel's Garden

    Eutin Castle

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    • Eutin
    Eutin Castle was built in the XII century by order of the Bishop of Lübeck The estate belonged to the whole dynasty of princes which included bishops of Lübeck One lock combines the multiple architectural styles inherent in different eras Ancient... attractions, Cultural objects

    Bridge Bebensund

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    The bridge connects Bebensund Marine Park Eutin with destiny in the same city at the Schleswig Holstein Germany This bridge was the last project of Henry violently it was built in 1934 with the help of volunteers from the National Socialist Party In... attractions, Cultural objects

    Bridge Eric Warburg

    Lubeck a unique city in Germany which is completely under the protection of UNESCO the Gothic tale made of red brick It is a port city on the northern coast of Germany which is located on the Schleswig Holstein land where the river flows  grass... attractions, Cultural objects

    Lake Großer Eutiner See

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    • Fissau
    Nature has generously endowed Germany lakes And each of them has its own character and its own history Large and small lakes Germany merge together and chic and unique landscapes open to visitors unparalleled beauty Many world famous Lake  and... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Dieksee

    Many centuries ago the south of modern Germany was fully covered by a glacier and if the world warmed the glacier mostly melted and the water filled the recesses intermountain valleys and foothills turned into a beautiful lake big and small  ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Bridge Dreh

    Between the Old Town of Lübeck and an artificial island in the river grass stretches a magnificent drawbridge It was built in 1892 as part of the development of the infrastructure of the port city of Lübeck This is a combined rail road cities ... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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