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    Airport Rechlin-Larz Airfield

    • Larz, Germany
    • Airport Rechlin-Larz Airfield$$
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      Airport Rechlin-Larz Airfield is located in the village of Rechlin in Vorpommern, Germany. Strip for takeoff and landing has a length of 2080 meters, the airport is located at an altitude of 67 meters relative to the received zero sea level.

      At the airport Rechlin-Larz Airfield rich and interesting history. Construction was started in 1916. Closed after World War airfield in 1920 began to operate as a civil air base, then it was used for various experiments Air appliances. Since 1935 - a military training ground Luftwaffe. After the war until 1993, it continued to be used for military purposes.

      Since 1994, the airport Rechlin-Larz Airfield became a civil airport, it plays an important role in the transport sector in Germany. Has code IATA - REB, code ICAO - EDAX. Near the airport, Rechlin-Larz Airfield many hotels with different pricing.

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