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    The bronze figure pig in Munich

    • Muenchen, Germany
    • The bronze figure pig in Munich$$
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    • The bronze figure of pig - free sprawled near the Museum of hunting and fishing in Munich bronze animal. The museum is located in a former monastery church of the Augustinian Order and houses a rich collection of stuffed animals - their more than 500 paintings and hunting rifles for hunting stories.

      But the boar is not only for the protection of divine museum - it's here, primarily for the fulfillment of dreams. Step by Step Instructions: play on Noyhauzershtrasse, see shimmers in the sun wild, fits and starts rubbing his nose. Take this process with the utmost seriousness. After all, the better you'll be rubbing your nose bronze statue, the greater the chance of fulfillment of your desire. It will not hurt and just pat on the back, Dick. This ritual will help you to see greatness in Munich again and again.

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