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    Fountain of Minerva

    • Erfurt, Stadt, Germany
    • Fountain of Minerva$$
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      Attractive city of Thuringia is its capital - the city of Erfurt. The historic center of Erfurt - one of the many well-preserved historical sites in Germany. The city is beautiful, interesting and varied, and walk on it - a pleasure.  

      And to start exploring the city can be a fountain of Minerva. It is located on Cathedral Square and is one of the oldest fountains Erfurt. It was built in 1784. Fountain of Minerva is a sculpture on a pedestal. Sculpture is the Roman goddess Mіnervay with helmet, shield and spear. First, the fountain was front of the house "High Lilies." After a few movements of the fountain of Minerva was restored and renovated. In 1976 it was moved to the Cathedral Square.

      City fountain with the figure of Minerva has long been a source of drinking water for the citizens of Erfurt, well, today this is not necessary, and therefore it is simply beautiful and historic landmark of the city, although it is still flowing drinking water. 

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