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    St Mary's Grammar School in Arnsberg

    • Obereimer, Germany
    • St Mary's Grammar School in Arnsberg$$
    • +49 2931 3415
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      Gymnasium St. Mary in Arnsberg - educational institution established in 1889 as a Catholic school for girls. It is housed in a classical style, built in 1818-1822 years. In 1898, was completed two wings and a chapel in the Gothic Revival style, in which there is a statue of the Madonna and Child. The complex of buildings owned by the classic gazebo.

      In the early years the school had 25 teachers, in addition to regular education, are involved in the preparation of teachers. In 1906, there were about 200 trained teachers. During the period of National Socialism educational institution transformed into high school. After the Second World War II, in 1946, it was decided to restore the religious schools. Since 1985, the high school also teaches and boys. In recent years, the school was upgraded and expanded, a new modern gym, cafeteria. It supports partnerships relations with the lyceum from Poland.

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