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    City Park Bremen

    • Findorff-Buergerweide, Germany
    • City Park Bremen$$
    • +49 0421 34 20 70
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      City Park German city of Bremen was opened to the public in 1866. It was created at the request of residents over an area of ​​about 400 hectares. For a long time of its existence, the park has not changed. This place is in the center of the city, which reminiscent of the countryside, is a place of recreation for the citizens of Bremen.

      In the meadows of the park grazing domestic animals in ponds ducks who feel quite at home here, in the shade of the thick forest birds can be seen. Bridges, fountains, the famous "coffee shop in Emmazee" and restaurant "Mayeray" kept the vintage look XIX century.

      When the park opened training interactive and entertainment center, which introduces visitors to the flora and fauna of Germany, and a mini-petting zoo.

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