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    Imperial Cross in Borken

    • Kleinenglis, Germany
    • Imperial Cross in Borken$$
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      Imperial Cross (Kleinenglis) - one of the oldest monuments in Hesse. This stone cross, created by an unknown sculptor, dedicated memory equitable solutions King Reprehta against two killers. In the old German sources indicated that this stone monument was built in 1400. It can be seen in the small village of Borken.

      Sandy is a monument paўtarametrovaga construction, stretched more than 80 centimeters in width, and has a thickness of 35 centimeters. Monument is fully consistent with the Gothic style. The vertical part of the cross is made in the original manner. Its walls are carved in the shape of an octagon, which creates the impression of greater volume. In addition, the horizontal part of the cross is carved from a single large stone. It is engraved inscription. Unfortunately, archaeologists could not be fully restore the text to the Imperial crosses.

      With this cross linked a few stories. One of them says that it is filled with a mysterious force. Imperial Cross was restored in 1790, he is currently a popular tourist destination.

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