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    Historical trading house

    • Freiburg, Germany
    • Historical trading house$$
    • +49 761 3881880
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    • Historical trading house, built in the XVI century, stands out from the south side of the central architecture Münsterplatz square. Firstly, its Gothic style. Second, a large number of arches with gold. Moreover, columns and coat of arms, which are set on the front of the building, emphasize the elegance of style.

      Bright red house has a lot of luxury, both outside and indoors. Earlier in his office was the administration of the market, as well as customs and financial authorities. All that has been hidden from prying eyes, can see today each wanting, so go on the sidelines of the urban elite seeks to every visitor of the city. Moreover, the trading house has already become one of the most visited places in Fraybugre.

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