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    Natural History Museum in Erfurt

    • Erfurt, Stadt, Germany
    • Natural History Museum in Erfurt$$
    • +49 +49 361.655
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      Natural History Museum in Erfurt was founded in 1922. Its principal founder is considered to be an entomologist Otto Rapp. The exposition of the museum was set up to trace the relationship of plants and animals in the environment. The museum's collection has suffered during the Second World War II. And in 1953, after the death of the founder of the museum exposition RAPP Otto comes into disrepair.

      The second birth of the museum came in 1995 - by which time the exhibition housed in a new building next to the Cathedral Square.

      Modern exposition is located on four floors. The unusual layout of the museum: the central element of the building is an ancient oak tree sprouted through all floors. Tree 350 years, its height is 14 meters. Installed around the oak spiral staircase.   

      The most interesting in the museum collections of insects - 350,000 copies, amphibians - 4500 copies, presented a large collection of reptiles, birds, mammals, fossils, minerals.

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