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    The museum lies

    • Mechow, Germany
    • The museum lies$$
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      The creators of this institution is proud to assure visitors, all the exhibits presented in the halls is only fakes. Deception begins with the building itself in the form of an old castle, which was actually built quite recently. The museum has ten rooms, each of which is filled with original artifacts.

      Art collection to the museum is very interesting, because among the exhibits absolutely "unique pieces". Here and acting magic carpet, cut off the ear of Van Gogh, the radio with "Titanic" and his personal belongings of passengers, there are also false mustache Hitler broom witch toy airplane, which belonged to the young future Chancellor of Germany and even mop, allegedly owned by the father of Stalin. And that's not all, because the creator of the museum's flight of fancy is limitless.

      Past Reinhard Tsabka - known in German artist and dissident. He is convinced that the line between truth and falsehood in life is often blurred, and this is especially true in the field of art, because art - in itself an illusion.

      Visitor Reviews are mixed: someone gets excited, and who are more skeptical. There are tourists who think the director crazy, and exhibited objects - regular garbage. In any event, once in Germany, it is necessary to go here. Be sure - places such a plan does dissipate stereotypes that museums always zanuzhno and dull and dusty.

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