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    Chocolate Museum

    • Altstadt Sud, Germany
    • Chocolate Museum$$
    • +49 (0) 2232 156485
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      Chocolate Museum is located on a peninsula Reynauhafen. The museum building is reminiscent of the shape of a ship, a total area of ​​over 2,000 square meters. Unlike other museums chocolate, Cologne Museum is located not in the confectionery factory; it only collect and store exhibits of chocolate, which can trace the history of chocolate from the time of the Aztecs and Maya the most modern technologies.

      Despite the fact that the museum is not in the company, it is equipped with a small chocolate factory, so visitors can see firsthand on modern technology production of chocolate. Now, all processes are fully automated and the computers are only two people who follow the production of finished products and packaged. Not what it used to! Because the history of chocolate has more than thirty centuries. The main part of the museum's collection pile up hundreds of types of chocolate. A significant part of the exhibition is devoted to the culture of the indigenous tribes in Latin America, as the first process cocoa beans learned Aztecs.

      You can get acquainted with the most ancient recipes of chocolate, as well as necessary for its production tools. Among the latter: knives zrezkі cocoa beans, baskets for transporting them, as well as the first mechanisms that previously used for the processing of fruits. On the stands of the museum presents a large and very interesting photographs. One of the most impressive exhibits of the museum has a large chocolate fountain height of 3 meters. It circulates in the order of 200 kg liquid chocolate.

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