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    Stasi Museum

    • Berlin Lichtenberg, Germany
    • Stasi Museum$$
    • +49 30/5536854
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      Stasi Museum is a research and memorial center, which deals with the political system of the former East Germany. It is located in an area Lіhtenberga in Berlin, in the former headquarters of the Stasi.

      The centerpiece of the exhibition is an office and working space of the former Minister of State Security, the head of the Stasi, Erich Mielke. Hence, in 1989, he headed the Ministry of State Security. After the assault, conducted January 15, 1990, the office was sealed and preserved to this day in its original condition.

      During its existence, the ministry led an active ideologist and political activity whose main goal was to preserve the revolutionary sentiments of the people, promoting the revolution, as well as the identification of dissent among the people. This is an extensive part of the museum. Photos, record, document, even busts ideologues on display visitors.

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