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    Lodge in Bayreuth

    • Thiergarten, Germany
    • Lodge in Bayreuth$$
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      Hunting lodge - a palace complex in the city of Bayreuth. For a long time the area around the building served as a hunting ground, especially popular organized fishing bears. Margrave Christian Ernst decided to build a small estate. His successor Georg Wilhelm created in this place castle, which survives to the present time under the modest title "Hunting hut".

      It was built by the architect Johann David Rentz Baroque. The castle is a small one-story building with an adjacent hex two-story annex and roof in the form of a dome. Interior finish is characterized by grace. 

      Their original purpose hunting lodge lost at the beginning of the XIX century. In the 1980's house has become the city administration, in 2010, it is used as a hotel and restaurant. In the romantic castle hotel popular solemn ceremony.

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