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    Lake Großer Eutiner See

    • Fissau, Germany
    • Lake Großer Eutiner See$$
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    • Nature has generously endowed Germany lakes. And each of them has its own character and its own history. Large and small lakes Germany merge together and chic and unique landscapes open to visitors unparalleled beauty. Many world famous Lake and are very popular among tourists. North state in Germany has the Lake District, called Holstein Switzerland. More than 140 lakes, large and small, are located here.

      And one of these lakes is Lake Großer Eutiner See. This lake is located in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is located to the north-east of the city Eutin. Its area is 230 hectares and the depth - 17 meters. The north side of the lake is decorated with destiny. Lake Großer Eutiner See famous for its islands. Pheasants island - it is part of the park Oytinskogo castle, and its name is derived from the nursery of pheasants on the island. A second island is a symbolic name - Love. Another famous lake and the fact that every summer on the lake is arranged theater scene, and performances are held in the open air.

      European Agency for Environmental Protection assessed water quality of Lake Großer Eutiner See a solid four.

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