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    Lake Honza

    • Ochtersum, Germany
    • Lake Honza$$
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      Honza Lake is a natural lake Hіldeskhayma, Germany. Its length is 500 meters, width - 250 meters. The total area of ​​the lake is 9.5 hectares. On the northern shore of the lake formed by Honza sandy beach, whose length is 150 meters. It was opened November 22, 1965 by order of the City Council Hіldeskhayma. Honza lake was formed by gravel extraction. In June 2008, the first child baptized here the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Andrew.

      Honza lake is surrounded by a beautiful park, it is quite famous among locals and visitors. According to the beach resting a lot of people who are tired of everyday work and want to plunge into the world of nature, forgetting about all the problems.

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