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    Monument Ehmsen

    • Arnsberg, Germany
    • Monument Ehmsen$$
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      Ehmsen monument was built in honor of the founder of the forester and Sauerland Mountain Club named Ernst Ehmsen. Construction is located on the outskirts of Arnsberg, near Dortmund, in the territory of North Rhine-Westphalia. To date monument Ehmsen subject to restoration work, which manages the club Eichholz, who strives to maintain it in good condition.

      Ehmsen monument was erected in 1897 at the expense of the Sauerland Mountain Club. It was established to address the east side of the gauge forest, spectacular views of the Old Town and New Town Arnsberg.

      The monument is a pavilion in the shape of a dome, whose height - 8 meters. On the main facade you can see the inscription vygravіravanuyu gold letters: "The Creator - Sauerland Mountain Club." Due to the special acoustics pavilion received a second name "Cottage a whisper. "

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