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    Park Burger

    • Findorff-Buergerweide, Germany
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      The most important place in the life of Bremen takes Burgess Park. Park pleased to anyone who wants to relax and unwind in the city, and numerous festivals, shows and concerts that are held here, no one will get bored.

      Here tourists who are tired of walking around the city, can rejuvenate and recharge your positive - Green Island Park Burger covers more than 200 acres of Bremen city center.

      The uniqueness of the park lies in the fact that its content is not financed from the city budget, and private sources. At this point the park is living at the expense of 2600 members and many benefactors. This tradition has developed in the XIX century, since the inception of the park. Moreover, he appeared at the expense of the residents, and currently donate money for it anyone can.

      Here you can stroll on foot or by bicycle, and the stratagem of streams and small lakes in the park will allow to explore the area by boat. Forests, spacious lawns, ponds, fountains, bridges and lakes live within the park as a whole, creating a romantic mood. The picturesque charm of the park enhance architectural monuments, sculptures and unusual bench.

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