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    Amusement park "Gondwana"

    • Landsweiler-Reden, Germany
    • Amusement park "Gondwana"$$
    • +49 6821 93163
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      Amusement Park "Gandvana" - theme park in Germany, in the territory of Saarland, 23 km from the town of Neunkirchen. Previously, the park was located an old coal mine Landsweiler-Reden.

      The park was built in 2011. His feature - reproduction of nature and the creatures that lived in the time of dinosaurs. Huge dinosaur figures will satisfy not only children but also adults. It is noteworthy that the figures are not static, they - animated, and make sounds.

      You can see detail and fauna of the time. The park is equipped with modern technology that reproduces the sounds of nature, wind, and other special effects, by which visitors will be able to pack to fully enjoy and imagine everything that happened on the planet until her man.

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