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    Town Hall Wilsdruff

    • Wilsdruff, Stadt, Germany
    • Town Hall Wilsdruff$$
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    • City Hall in the German city of Wilsdruff is located in the town square, at the corner of Dresdner, at an altitude of 266 meters above sea level. The first town hall was built in 1546. During a fire, June 5, 1744 the building was destroyed. A year later, construction began on a new Town Hall. Her project was developed by Johann Christoph Knoffelem. In 1756, construction of the building in the Rococo style was completed under the supervision of the architect Samuel Loco. In 1758, a solemn consecration of the monastery.

      In 1897, the Town Hall building was completely renovated. Has been chosen as popular at the time neo-Renaissance style. On the main facade there was a balcony, and one of the parties acquired stepped gable. Opening of the new Town Hall was held September 19, 2003.

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