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    The River Rhine

    • Idar-Oberstein, Germany
    • The River Rhine$$
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      The world-famous Rhine River 1233 kilometers in length, which is considered a symbol of Germany, takes place not only in Germany but also in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France and the Netherlands.

      The river originates in the Alps, flowing through Lake Constance, and empties into the North Sea. In the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen is the Rhine Falls, which is considered the largest waterfall in Europe - its height is 23 meters, width - 150 m.

      The river is an important transport route nezamyarzayuchuyu Western Europe. The length of its waterways - about 3,000 kilometers.

      In 1986, on the Rhine occurred environmental disaster: at the chemical plant of the company "Sandoz" there was a fire, after which the river made emissions of 30 tons of pesticides and other chemicals. Water blushed and reached its pollution of the North Sea. As a result, killing half a million fish, and some species have completely disappeared. Later adopted a program "Rhine 2020", which aims to clean the river for swimming.

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