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    School Ludwig-Georg

    • Darmstadt, Germany
    • School Ludwig-Georg$$
    • +49 6151 132562
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      School-Georg Ludwig is a secondary school in Darmstadt in Germany. Construction of the project belongs to the Landgrave Lyudvіgu V and his son George II. It is the oldest schools in the city and its surroundings. In 1879 it was named in honor of its founders Ludwig and George. During the Second World War the building was destroyed. In 1955 he took up the restoration of Max Taut. The building was built in the style of Bauhaus - avant-garde and classical modernism.

      Today, in an eight-year high school students, which number more than 800 people, spread 78 teachers. There are lessons of fine arts, sports, technical sciences. Of particular bias - language. First foreign language is Latin, later in The program adds English. After the 7th grade students may choose French or Greek.

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