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    Studio Theatre "Russian actor's school"

    • Bahnhofsvorstadt, Germany
    • Studio Theatre "Russian actor's school"$$
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      Studio Theatre "Russian school of acting" is located in the city of Bremen. Directed the theater in 1996 Semyon Abramovich Barkan. In his work he followed the traditions of Russian theater. On the stage of "Russian school of acting" was delivered more than 12 performances. Most popular ones - "Duck Hunt", "Tsinniki", "lizard". The play "The Glass Menagerie" showed the audience the relationship of parents and children. In summer 2008, the premiere of the play "Forget Gerostrat."

      Weekly theater master classes, where all participants hone their acting skills, using the program of the Moscow Theatre Institute. Studio Theatre "Russian school of acting" twice participated in the Festival of Russian theaters Paris. Two-time winners of the festival, in 1998 and in 1999. In Paris, played and performed "Shop", "Cruel Intentions", "Old monologues about the main thing." Studio Theatre "Russian school of acting" participated in the Days of Russia in Bremen 2002.

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