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    Theatre Uberzwerg

    • Sellerbach, Germany
    • Theatre Uberzwerg$$
    • +49 0681 958283-0
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      Theatre Uberzwerg - children's theater, located in the capital of the Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany. Is the largest children's theater in the region, including the French Lorraine and Luxembourg.

      Children's Theatre Uberzwerg was created by several enthusiastic activists in 1978. Initially planned to make free restaurant. Since its inception, the theater was called "Free Children's and Youth Theatre Saarbrücken." The theater quickly became popular, the number of students grew steadily.

      Today, the theater offers an elaborate program of the plurality of views, in addition, there are regularly organized seminars online on the theme of modern and classical theater. Also as part of the theater there is a School acting and drama club for young people.

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