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    Berliner Fernsehturm TV tower

    • Berlin Mitte, Germany
    • Berliner Fernsehturm TV tower$$
    • +49 (030) 242 59 22
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      This building, built in than as a symbol of the power of the socialist bloc, and to this day adorns Berlin, although from its inception in 1969, it is, of course, has repeatedly upgraded, and even add a little height at the expense of the new antenna.   

      Wise architects in the design of pre-laid home base for exploring Berlin, and now hundreds of people in a minute Take the elevator to a height of more than dvuhsotmyatrovay can enjoy breathtaking views that open from the lookout Berlin TV Tower, this beautiful city. However, the observation deck is nice not only for its picturesque panorama of Berlin, but also one of the best restaurants in Berlin, which is in the same house a little higher.

      Of course, a visit to the observation deck of the tower in Berlin - a mandatory item in the program to anyone who wants to really enjoy this city.

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