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    Treptow Park

    • Stralau, Germany
    • Treptow Park$$
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      Treptow Park is located in the former garden of Johann W. Bush. Previously, there simply geometric pattern trees were planted, but in 1876 the project director of urban gardens Johann Mayer was defeated here full park. After completion of all works that have been spent half a million marks, Treptow Park was the first national park, always open to citizens.

      In the center of the park is a large meadow, which focuses on a special hill is a monument to the Liberator Soldier. He came here in 1946, near the burial place of more than five thousand Soviet soldiers who died during World War II. Monument to reflect the real war hero Sergeant Nicholas Masalova who saved a German girl.

      In different parts of the park are divided garden of sunflowers and rosary 25,000 rose bushes. In the center is a fountain, and along the tracks installed sculptures. In memory of the park was designed here his bust. The park is located on the bank of the river, and it has private marina for pleasure ships.

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