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    Church of St. Jacobi Wilsdruff

    • Wilsdruff, Stadt, Germany
    • Church of St. Jacobi Wilsdruff$$
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      Church of the Holy Yakobі is one of the oldest rural churches in Saxony, which have been preserved in its original form. It is located in the German city of Wilsdruff. Abode is located on a hill overlooking the city center. It was built to the ground, around the XII century. Perhaps the building was a monastery Benedictine monks.

      The building is in the Romanesque architectural style. The church has thick stone walls and curved shchylіnapadobnyya arched windows. Church hall consists of a spacious nave, choir and small semicircular viper altar. The interior is decorated with frescoes.  

      In 1919, the church was erected memorial in memory of those who died in the First World War. On a stone slab bears the inscription: "In memory of their memorable sons who sacrificed their lives in World War II".

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