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    Church of St. Nicholas in Wilsdruff

    • Wilsdruff, Stadt, Germany
    • Church of St. Nicholas in Wilsdruff$$
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      Church of St. Nicholas stands near the market in the German town of Wilsdruff. This is an integral part of the history of the city of the Middle Ages. The church was built around the beginning of the XIII century. Every Sunday here goes Protestant worship.

      The church has an altar in the early Baroque, created by sculptor Caspar Klouplem. He was presented by Hans Heinrich von Schoenberg. The altar is decorated with an image of two benefactors (Schoenberg and his wife), three reliefs ("The Last Supper", "The Prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, "" The Sacrifice of Isaac "), as well as two angels and three female figures that symbolize faith, love and hope.

      Another pride of the church is an organ. He was re-built by "Jehmlich Orgelbau Dresden" in 1969. This was necessary due to damage as a result of a warrior. In 2006, his color has been updated.

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