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    Dagstuhl Castle

    • Dagstuhl, Germany
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      Castle Dagstuhl - this historic building in the Saarland, Germany. It is located near the border with France. In 1760, Count Anton von Hohenbalder Dagstuhl Castle built at the foot of the old building.

      After the invasion of the French revolutionary troops land has been leased and purchased by Baron William de Lassalle. In building his family lived. In 1959, the castle was turned into a church home for the elderly. The church room with an altar decorated with paintings daughter Baron Octavia where Lassalle.

      In 1989, the land and the buildings on it became the property of the organization "Leibniz Center for Informatics", which has equipped all. The old building was completely rebuilt inside. Also new building was constructed. Most of the rooms used as bedrooms, there is room for seminars and a rich library. It hosts a variety of conferences and official meetings. For relaxation, there is a billiard room, a music room and a wine cellar.

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