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    Castle Hoentyubingen

    • Tuebingen, Germany
    • Castle Hoentyubingen$$
    • +49 7071 2977384
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      Castle Hoentyubingen is the cultural center of Tübingen, located in Germany. Located on a hill that allows to inspect almost all the neighborhoods, its courtyard. The first mention of the building dates back to 1078 year, when it is still served as a military fortress, from which today there was only a corner tower. At the beginning of the XVI century was reconstructed as a result of which the castle, first performed in the style of the Middle Ages, began to acquire features of the Renaissance. Now the castle a museum of the city's university, is dedicated to the ancient cultures of the world.

      If we consider Hoentyubingen lock from the inside or from the last finish, there are very few. Housed in a museum, took most of the territory under the arrangement of the exhibits, slightly corrected by itself interior. If you look more closely, you can see the features of the Renaissance. In the two houses of Prince visible pompous doors, magnificent weapon Württemberg with fine carvings and wooden ceiling Quezon.

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