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    Castle Levenburg

    • Neuholland, Germany
    • Castle Levenburg$$
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      Levenburg - pretty young building, erected in the XVII century, although many attribute it to a medieval castle. Near the palace is the armory where you can find weapons and armor XV-XVI centuries, and the chapel, which is the tomb of the founder castle.

      Levenburgsky castle often called "lock-counterfeiting." The mastermind behind the castle-counterfeiting itself is William IX, who commissioned the architect to build a building that could be compared with the English medieval palaces. The castle looks like a fortress, but in fact is not a fortress.

      In order to implement ideas of William IX, the architect had to specifically go to England for a detailed study of the ruins of the English forts, and a plan for building a nice Levenberg and the adjacent garden. The whole complex is a a beautiful garden in the English style, with thematic branches. This first of these objects in Europe. In the garden you can see the ruins of the palace fake, fake aqueducts of Rome, as well as the temples of Greece. Outside the castle surrounded by a moat, and get inside possible thanks to a drawbridge.

      The internal atmosphere of the castle is also unique. Here you can find the original medieval furniture, altar slabs, weapons and armor that adorns the walls, tables for games, statues of bronze and stained glass windows. Castle deliberately constructed in such a way as if participated in many battles and sieges. In fact, the effect of artificial antiquity. Most of the rooms and parts Levenburg is freely available for tourists. Near the castle is the armory of weapons and armor ages 16-17, as well as Chapel-tomb of the founder.

      Levenburg does not have such a history as a famous German castles, but it takes a well-deserved place in the list of the most beautiful castles in Germany.

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