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    Castle Parsberg

    • Parsberg, Germany
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      Parsberg Castle - the former residence of Parsberg. It is located in the same city in Germany. The first mention of this castle dates back to 1205.

      The castle is very interesting and complicated history. In 1314 the owner of the castle - background Parsberg participated in the uprising, which gave Palatine Rudolf against Duke Ludwig of Bavaria, his brother. The consequence of this action was the destruction of the castle. Destroyed by he was the Duke of Bavaria, and it was given to him quite easily - after a short siege.

      Later the castle was restored, strengthened and greatly expanded, built the upper castle with towers, domes decorated - domes. But in the period of the Thirty Years War it was destroyed again. Again, the castle was built, but now big changes undergone Lower Castle - it expanded and strengthened.

      In the XIX century the castle Parsberg became the official venue for the meetings of the local court, and not only the city Parsberg, but also close to the cities - Velburg and Lupburg.

      As a result of the reform of local self-government of Parsburg, no one used the castle until 1974. Later it began to pass a variety of activities that are carried out by the city administration. And since 1981 in the Lower Castle of the exposition with the largest and most famous museums in Bavaria - Folklore Museum and the recent history.

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