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    Castle Vestervinkel

    • Bakenfeld, Germany
    • Castle Vestervinkel$$
    • +49 2599 98878
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      Vestervinkel Castle is located in Ascheberg, near Munster. The architecture of the building is made in the Baroque style. "Highlight" of the castle can be called a small shutter windows, decorated in the tradition of folk art Westphalia. The castle is presented unclosed chatyrohkutnіkam. In addition, the entire complex is located on two islands rectangular shape. On the eastern island of towering buildings, and on the west - is a garden. At first it may seem gloomy castle through their protective structures Thirty Years War: the high walls and deep trenches.

      Vestervinkl castle has a long history that goes back centuries VIII. It's time for Vestervinklya characterized by frequent changes of owners. The first facts about Vestervinkle dated 1225 year. But in this "baroque" as Castle began to build in 1663. Lock and currently owns dynasty Merfeldtov background.

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