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    Castle Wiesenthau

    • Wiesenthau, Germany
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      Located in the northeast of Wiesenthau commune at the foot of Ehrenburg, Wiesenthau Castle was first mentioned in chronicles in 1062 in connection with the royal court. This is the largest building with four corner towers, built in the Renaissance style. Although a accurate information about the castle appear only in 1379.

      Originally the castle belonged to the family Wiesenthau, but due to financial difficulties was leased to the Bishop of Bamberg, and then completely sold. Descendants of the first owners tried to get it back, and in 1460 were able to reach their goal. But then there was the time when the castle again was almost lost, and, again, because of financial difficulties.

      During the Hussite wars extended the castle was destroyed several times. Also heavily damaged the castle during the fighting, which brought the Peasants' War in 1525 After that the castle is not just endured overhaul. The main U-shaped building, the side of the tower and West Wing - the remnants of autonomy in 1529 and the tower, the inner ring of walls - 1650-1566 years. The visual effect of the building defensive type is primarily achieved through the presence of towers and high walls.

      More than a hundred years, the castle belonged to Wiesenthau Vіtelsbahі, but now in the castle is a hotel and restaurant.

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